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CIPP - Cured In Place Pipe Lining

1st Choice Service, Inc. offers trenchless sewer pipe repair as the best alternative to costly excavation or digging. Pipe lining is our top sewer rehab service that we offer today. If you have a choice between digging up your property, which can take up to a week to complete, or to do a trenchless sewer liner or CIPP, what would you choose? The liner system will save time and money in most cases. It normally only takes 1 – 2 days to fully and 100% rehabilitate your sewer system back to a better than new condition.

1st Choice Service, Inc. is the #1 trenchless pipe lining company serving the Carolinas and surrounding states. We have built our business on customer referrals with the BEST quality work and most professional team of experts. Our work is fully guaranteed and comes with a warranty. A patented Heat-Cure Liner System is used for the process. The sewer liner is made by combining a wool and PVC sleeve with a resin, which “cures in place” inside the existing sewer pipe. The Heat-Cure system uses steam to cure the resin-impregnated sleeve once it has been installed inside the old sewer pipe.

Call 1st Choice Service, Inc. today for a full sewer evaluation to determine if your sewer line is a good candidate for the latest trenchless sewer replacement. Why dig up or excavate your property if it’s no longer necessary? Our sewer pipe solutions can save you time and money! 

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Before contacting a Septic, Sewer, or Plumbing company check out this list of helpful questions to ask below:




  1. Can you provide in detail what your service includes?
  2. Does your company charge to do any digging to access my tank?
  3. How many lids can I expect your company to dig up and open up on my septic tank?
  4. If my tank is larger than 1,000 gallon capacity is there an additional charge for pumping and/or disposal?
  5. How many chambers/compartments will your company empty out of my tank? (Hint: If you reside in NC, the answer should almost always be 2! This means 2 lids will have to be open/uncovered.
  6. Will your technicians remove all of the black sludge from the bottom of my tank? If the answer is no, then ask why! (We'll give you a little hint – if anyone tells you the good bacteria needs to be left in the bottom of your tank - be very cautious!
  7. Will I be charged additional fees if the solid/sludge accumulation is over any certain amount or extra thick?
  8. If additional hose(s) is required is there an additional fee?
  9. Will I be charged with anything additional for disposal?
  10. Will I be charged with a dispatching or arrival fee?
  11. Will I be charged with an environmental/energy fee?
  12. Will I be charged with a fuel surcharge fee?
  13. Will your technicians clean up after themselves before leaving my property?
  14. Is your company locally owned?
  15. Does your company subcontract any of the work and if so what is the name of the company who will be working on my property?

Our goal is to reach as many consumers as possible. We believe in giving back to the community because educating consumers only helps to raise the industry standards and that is exactly what we have been doing for nearly 30 years! We are here to serve! Please let us know how we can serve you today!