1. Is your company a full service septic company so that if my system requires additional work such as repairs, can this service be provided?
  2. How many lids can I expect your company to dig up and open on my septic tank?
  3. How many chambers/compartments will your company empty out of my tank? (Hint: If you reside in NC, the answer should almost always be 2! This means 2 lids will have to be opened/uncovered.
  4. Will your technicians remove all of the black sludge from the bottom of my tank? If the answer is no, then ask why! (We'll give you a little hint – if anyone tells you the good bacteria needs to be left in the bottom of your tank - be very cautious!
  5. Is disposal included in the pricing?
  6. Will I be charged with a dispatching or arrival fee?
  7. Will I be charged with an environmental/energy fee?
  8. Will I be charged with a fuel surcharge fee?
  9. Is your company locally owned?
  10. Does your company subcontract any of the work and if so what is the name of the company who will be working on my property?

Call today to order! 704-447-5500

$49 per box - Ask about our current specials!

Call today to order! 704-447-5500

$59 per bottle - Ask about our current specials!

Before contacting a Septic, Sewer, or Plumbing company check out this list of helpful questions to ask below:


Plumbing and pumping professionals have long known the difficulties to drain lines and treatment systems caused by fat, oil and grease. Buildups of these substances obstruct, and eventually clog drainage systems.

BioOne is made of naturally occurring cultures that can be introduced directly into plumbing and septic systems. The patented BioOne Hungry Bacteria get to work immediately on degradation of fat, oil, grease and organic waste build-up through natural biological digestion. The technology is easy to use, inexpensive and safe. BioOne is safe for pipes, septic systems, drain fields, municipal wastewater treatment plants, and the environment because it is free from harmful chemicals, and contains no emulsifiers, added enzymes or surfactants.

BioOne proudly displays the Epa's Safer Choice Program logo. Only products that are made of the safest possible ingredients are eligible for approval.

According to the EPA, “Only products that meet the Safer Choice Standard, which includes stringent human health and environmental criteria, area allowed to carry the Safer Choice label.”

BioOne is a great way to recharge your septic system after your pumping service. Ask your service expert about dosing BioOne straight into your septic system during your service!

Lenzyme is a great way to keep your septic system happy & healthy the environmentally friendly way! It contains a special combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that digest organic waste. Lenzyme is safe for your plumbing and septic system, and will not harm the environment, you, or your pets!   



How Does Lenzyme Work?

In nature all animal and vegetable matter is broken down and recycled into plant food by enzymes and bacteria. Organic additives use this same principal to biodegrade organic waste that accumulates in your plumbing system. Like all living things, bacteria must "eat" to survive. Fortunately the grease, hair, soap film and organic waste are food for the bacteria in organic additives. The enzymes prepare this "food" for the bacteria by breaking down the large molecules into a size the bacteria can "swallow." When mixed with water, the additives immediately go to work! The enzymes are very fast and start breaking down waste on contact. Organic additives contain billions of bacteria and as they eat, they double in number every 30 minutes! Unrestricted by gravity, they spread through the entire plumbing system, devouring all the organic waste.

$10 Discount For Septic Pumping Services Available for Seniors, Military, Law Enforcement, & Disabled!

Excludes Inspection Services

BioOne 64 oz. ® is perfect for residential use. Its stable performance-ready formulation of live vegetative cultures and its premeasured cap makes using BioOne ® easy for residential drain lines and septic systems. When used in conjunction with manual drain cleaning, the active microbes colonize in the drain line and eat the gook and slime the cable leaves behind.